Christmas Joy….



Salvation Army

HAPPY 150th anniversary! It’s that time of year again!

Save Christmas:

Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse
I pulled up my sheets, and held my pillow, dear
And that’s when Saint Nicholas chose to appear

“La’Von, you must save Christmas!” the old man said
“I knew this day would come!” I hopped out of bed
Santa had a court date, a sexual mishap
Next time he’ll think twice, about who sits on his lap

I dashed out door, to avoid awkward chatter
And went out in search for the root of the matter
I wanted a place I could donate my cash
When I stumbled on a store that sells useless trash

The Salvation Army, seemed like the way to go
They clothed the homeless who froze from the snow
Yet I was turned away for the fact that I’m queer
but I wasn’t any gayer than an elf or a reindeer

I thought this was charity! What a vile trick!
To not accept my money, because I like…..
Please don’t forget, the reason you became
Jesus said do not judge, or hate in his name

Now to save Christmas, we need to start fixing
The lies that we tell and the words we are twisting
Society, needs to reinstall, love for all
No judgement call if Jack kisses Paul

For charities to preach hate, just doesn’t make sense
So I’ll find somewhere else to donate my cents
I’ll walk by your volunteers and ignore your bell
Then ensure that you’re the ones that are going to hell!

If my organs were donated would you deny a child’s life
All based on the fact that I never held a wife
To the Salvation Army, Happy Anniversary
I hope in this year you remember that love is the key

I ran across this meme of this volunteer from the Salvation Army, holding up a sign that said not to donate if you are homosexual. In all seriousness, this is exactly the type of ignorance that boils my blood. Not only does guy holding the sign look so deep in the closet that he found his Christmas gifts on Thanksgiving; but he is actually hurting his cause by denying money from possible donors…

Tis the season you get to see people’s true colors. Green and red remind me of jealousy and blood, which is why I suppose the Salvation Army gets active around this time. They have had long history of grinching which dates back to 1988 where they turned down a $3.5 million dollar contract with San Francisco because they provided spousal benefits to both homosexual and heterosexual employees.

Officer of the Salvation Army, General Andre Cox stated, “I dream of a committed, effective and joyful Army, rooted and confident in the Word of God, and on its knees.”

To clarify, despite his name and words, General Andre Cox is NOT an adult film maker nor is he related to transgender activist Laverne Cox.

Under the law, the Salvation Army can deny donations from anyone, regardless of the fact that drag queens have been supporting them for years. It’s time to phase out this form of discrimination, because the people who suffer the most are the ones in need. Not only are they’re bigger problems to worry about but if Jesus could be friends with a prostitute, I think the Salvation Army can accept a gay dollar.

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What does this picture say to you? __________________

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Boys will be boys. Ghost and Phantom #chickencaesarsalad4thegaysoul by @lavongittens #novel #Gay #lgbt #gayrights #borngay #gayguide #gaystagram #amazon #gayguy #gaycute #gaydude #gaylife #gaylove #gaywork #gayfollow #instagay #gaynyc #gaybook #gaybookclub #gaytherapy #gaysofinstagram #lesbian #bisexual #bi #trans #transgender

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#Readnow The #Truth About #GayCulture #chickencaesarsalad4thegaysoul by @lavongittens #novel #Gay #lgbt #gayrights #borngay #gayguide #gaystagram #amazon #gayguy #gaycute #gaydude #gaylife #gaylove #gaywork #gayfollow #instagay #gaynyc #gaybook #gaybookclub #gaytherapy #gaysofinstagram #lesbian #bisexual #bi #trans #transgender

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Earn some side cash!


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About Chicken Caesar Salad For the Gay Soul

 LaVon Gittens Chicken Caesar Salad For the Gay Soul 12
 Chicken Caesar Salad For the Gay Soul, is an emotional  and informative guide that exposes overlooked truths about gay culture.
Homosexuality is a highlighted topic surrounded by stigma. Controversy behind the subject can cause extreme violence and even suicide; especially in youths. Homophobia, like any irrational fear, can be medicated with knowledge. Through education, lives can be saved.
Shame comes from ignorance. Some think that homosexuality is unnatural or harmful. Little know that the pink triangle was by Nazis to brand homosexuals or that the first director of the FBI was a gay man. Mainstream media ignores important facts that might promote understanding and self-worth. This volume is the first to collect a series of rare referenced facts and blend them with personal coming out stories and art. Chicken Caesar Salad For the Gay Soul does not preform as a “how to be gay guide”, but a cure to ignorance and a branch to acceptance.

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My life thus far…..

Looking back I now see what an annoying child I was. Inspired by the selflessness, bravery & honesty of superheroes I had decided that was my dream job. As I got older I realized I may never be able to fly or throw cars…I didn’t have a billion dollars or a radioactive spider but I did have something, the power to never shut up. And I used the power to always stand up for the underdog, whether it be the elephants I thought were too skinny at the circus or the homeless I thought deserved a caring hand.
But as all superhero origin stories lead I discovered I was up against several villains. Mainly, Racism and her eviler twin sister Homophobia. These queens of wickedness taunted me at every corner. They manipulated my family, dis-alluded my colleagues and attacked my co-workers.
Even after I graduated from SUNY Purchase with a degree in Arts Management w/ heavy concentrations in Creative Writing & Drama Studies my enemies were still able to box me into stereotypes that eventually disabled me. After years of confusion I finally was reminded of my most powerful ability: To never shut up.
After yet another rejection from an unnamed publishing company I decided to take matters into my own hands & start “NoV’al Publishing”. (My name backwards sounds like ‘novel’) In 2010 I released my first novel, “Divine Apocalypse: The Beginning of the End” an urban fantasy which tells the tale of 4 angels born as men that struggle with the very human pressures of society. A current 4.5 on Amazon, B&N, and GoodReads, this book has physical copies at Greenlight Bookstore & selected Nebraska Book Company locations.
But saving myself was not enough. Racism & Homophobia were the masters of deception & used their weapons to take the confidence, lives & souls of those around me. So I released my second novel “Chicken Caesar Salad for the Gay Soul,” a periodical filled with the truths that saved my very life.

The “Chicken Noodle Soup” books are a heavily Christian company and although they have a “Chicken Noodle Soup for the Cat Owner’s Soul” and a “Chicken Noodle Soup for the NASCAR Driver’s Soul” they do not have the very much needed book, “Chicken Noodle Soup for the Gay Soul”. But that’s okay, with diet being such a huge issue nowadays who wants soup in 90 degree weather? So I’ll have a salad instead.                                                             I never thought that I should be the one to release this book, but I couldn’t wait for anyone else to do it! In this book, released on June 28th to commemorate the Stonewall Riots, I not only came out to my family and the entire world, but for the first time in history discussed cultural gay history along side of scientific facts, religious opinions, societal views and raw stories from anonymous gay authors. I hope that my vulnerability will save lives.

Now I work for the Human Rights Campaign! And I actually… love my job. I feels so good to be able to help people. Right now, we’re focusing on ending work place discrimination because in 28 states it is still legal to be fired for being gay. SMH. A superhero’s work is NEVER done! I will also be promoting “Chicken Caesar Salad For the Gay Soul” this summer and working on my new releases set to debut this fall!  🙂

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It’s been a long time since I posted…..

AND THATS Because I’ve been SO busy!

Here’s what I’ve been up to lately……

For all of you who don’t know….. MY NEW BOOK!

 Chicken Caesar Salad For the Gay Soul LaVon Gittens La'Von

Chicken Caesar Salad For the Gay Soul LaVon Gittens La’Von

Chicken Caesar Salad For the Gay Soul LaVon Gittens La'Von

Chicken Caesar Salad For the Gay Soul LaVon Gittens La’Von

My new baby….!


Chicken Caesar Salad For the Gay Soul LaVon Gittens La'Von

Chicken Caesar Salad For the Gay Soul LaVon Gittens La'Von

Chicken Caesar Salad For the Gay Soul LaVon Gittens La’Von

My new job.



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Batman Vs. Superman

March 26th, 2016….

They’re killing me already! But yes, director Zach Snyder (whos name sounds like an evil villain’s), will be out… next year! This trailer, as amazing as it is, is NOT gonna keep me happy!

I’m not sure what’s going on over here, however, I’m sure it was the human’s fault. I will always be a fan of Superman. I know everyone loves Batman more but at the end of the day Batman can’t even get along with his own sidekicks.

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